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TitleChronology DurationTexts
ÉCLAMPSIS I1976-7717'30Download (french)
ÉCLAMPSIS II197817'Download (french)
ÉCLAMPSIS III197912'30Download (french)
SPIRALE19809'Download (french)
ESPACE INTÉRIEUR198215'Download (french)
TROIS ETUDES198316'Download (french)
PRÉLUDE DE CRISTAL19845'30Download (french)
A L'UNISSON DU FEU198511'Download (french)
DOUZE RAYONS1986-8725'Download (french)
ÉTINCELLE 19871'30Download (french)
RÉSONANCES19875'Download (french)
TRIANGLES AILÉS19892'30Download (french)
DANSE HERMÉTIQUE19892'Download (french)
OFFRANDES1989-906'Download (french)
SEPT PRÉLUDES1992-9318'Download (french)
L'ASTRE DE VIE199817'Download (french)
L'ASTRE DE LUMIÈRE199916'Download (french)
PLUIE DE CLOCHES20004'Download (french)
L'ASTRE DE L'AMOUR200116'30Download (french)
CONSTELLATIONS2002-0324'Download (french)
L’AURORE NACRÉE20083'Download (french)
INTERSTICES20157'Coming soon


TitleChronology DurationTexts
CINQ APPELS, for soprano and piano198718'Download (french)
CERCLES, for saxophone alto and piano198810'Download (french)
ÉMANATION, for flute and piano1988-8914'Download (french)
CHRONOS, octet198915'Download (french)
CASCADES DE FEU, for saxophone quartet199013'Download (french)
VISIONS EXTATIQUES, for two pianos1990-9123'Download (french)
MÉTAMORPHOSES D'UN SOLEIL NAISSANT quartet for violin, viola, cello and piano1991-9228'Download (french)
INCANDESCENCE, for violin and piano199419'Download (french)
MONDES IRISÉS, for saxophone alto and piano19968'Download (french)
MIROIRS ALCHIMIQUES, for string quartet1996-9920'Download (french)
ÂVISSOS, for cello solo200110'Download (french)
MÉTÉORE, for violin solo200210'Download (french)
LES COLONNES DU DESTIN, for woodwind quartet, string quartet and piano2003-0418'Download (french)
LES COURBES DU TEMPS, for height saxophones2004-0517'30Download (french)
FLÈCHES D'OR, for saxophone soprano and piano20058'Download (french)
ENOSSIS, for viola solo200913'Download (french)
LES AILES DU SONGE, for violon, cello and piano2009-1020'Download (french)
LA NEF SOLAIRE, for solo harpe201012'Download (french)
BAKTUN, Sextuor for horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion and piano201013'Download (french)
PENTAKTYS, Quintet for flute, oboe, viola, cello and piano201210'Download (french)
CALLIGRAPHIES, for solo harpsichord20135'Coming soon
PRÉLUDE DE CRISTAL, trio for flute, viola and harp.
Adaptation of a piano work with the same title
20136'Coming soon
LEMNISCATES, trio for violin, alto saxophone and piano201418'Coming soon
ZÉPHYR, for solo flute20144'Coming soon
DANSE DES ELFES, for two harps20145'Coming soon
ECLATS D’UNE LUEUR SANS OMBRE, for organ20155'Coming soon


TitleChronology DurationTexts
AD AETERNI LUMINIS OCCURSUM, for piano, church organ, orchestra and choir1977-8046'Download (french)
SPHERES, for 43 musicians1978-7930'Download (french)
ORAMA, for 20 strings198820'Download (french)
SYMPHONIE N°1, "Chants des Espaces Stellaires" (Songs for Stellar Spaces)1992-9430'Download (french)
CONCERTO POUR PIANO N°1, "L'Ile des Mystères" (The Island of Mysteries)1994-9629'Download (french)
SAVITRI, for soprano, baritone and orchestra1996-200050'Download (french)
SYMPHONIE N°2, "Vers la Victoire" (The Way to Victory)200217'Download (french)
SYMPHONIE N°3, "Fontaines des Profondeurs" (The Fountains of Depths)200622'Download (french)
CONCERTO POUR PIANO N°2, "Le Jardin Etoilé" (The Starry Garden)2007/200823'Download (french)
DELPHES, for choir20087'Download (french)
SYMPHONIE N°4, « Réminiscences » 2010-1222'Download (french)
SYMPHONIE N°5, «Lumières d'Épiphanies» (Lights of Epiphanies)2012-201322'Coming soon


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